Your online purchasing and sales process is rock solid with our digital tools.

From home configurator to energy tool and from Artist Impressions to colored floor plans. Choose your modules and bring every real estate project to life!

Buying a home online is the future. At least, that's how we see it. As an all-round digital real estate agency, we therefore offer all the tools, visuals and do-it-yourself options for an online sales process to write home about.

Modular mixing

With our modular formula you can put together a unique package every time that suits your real estate project. From a finishing touch to the big guns. Whatever your wish: you choose the building blocks, we do the rest.

You may know us from the home configurator

Not surprising, because that's how we started Woonmodule in 2008. Now, about a decade and a half and many configurators later, we do much more than that. Curious? Keep scrolling!


New-build homes





Your purchasing and sales process...

more fun

Buying a home is exciting, but above all a lot of fun. Especially when you as a buyer can turn the knobs yourself. With the home configurator, among other things, we make the purchasing process interactive and accessible, because buyers can see their dream home being created in real time. And without complicated option lists or legal jargon. Buyer happy, you happy and we happy!

... faster

Everyone benefits from efficiency. The buyer, but also you and all parties you work with. With our modules you can present your real estate project accurately and completely. This prevents unnecessary communication and long waits for customized quotes. This way everyone knows immediately where they stand

... better

Such a special and often large purchase deserves some extra attention. And with so much competition, as a developer you have to offer an attractive total package to convince buyers. Bonus: the tools also provide valuable insights into wishes and preferences. This way you can easily make adjustments and even fine-tune your next project in advance for an even better process.

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